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Autumn Special Omakase Tasting Event  
10/25 6:00 and 8:15 

A former Executive Chef at Bohemian NY ( A Japanese Restaurant specialized wagyu beef, it used to be on Great Jones street) Koji Ishizuka jointed our term recently. We would love to celebrate and welcome our new Head Chef Koji, hosting a Special Autumn Omakase Event. 

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Omakase Menu $120

   Special Autumn Omakase

Roasted Long Island Duck Breast Salad

Assorted Seasonal Sashimi

Washu Beef  Special Cut Steak 6 oz

with Raspberry sauce 

Hokkaido Uni Risotto

With Seasonal Vegetables 


Hakkaisan Sake Lees Panna Cotta with Aged Sake Syrup 

Wine and Sake Pairing $75

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